Temporary staffing solutions

Temporary staffing solutions

When extra manpower is needed

Adding temporary workers from Euro-Workers is a flexible staffing solution.

Adding temporary workers ensures that you as a company maximize the use of resources. The temporary solution ensures that you stay competitive without changes in delivery time, service level or quality. Once the work pressure disappears, you will be free of our temporary workers and you can continue working as before - without having incurred additional administration costs.

Euro-Workers has a large and up-to-date database of temporary workers and job seekers waiting for new challenges.

All Euro-Workers temporary workers are recruited through personal interviews, which ensures that they are competent and motivated. Our workers can cooperate with your permanent staff in both large and small teams.

We take care of all the practicalities such as wages, employment contracts, social costs, holiday pay, etc., leaving our clients to deal with what is most important for them.