About us

About the temp staffing agency Euro-Workers A/S

Euro-Workers is based on the idea that by offering qualified workers good employment conditions, you can create a good and flexible workforce that can add great value to companies in Denmark.

Euro-Workers was founded in 2006 by Jan Pedersen (BM Steel Construction), Kenneth Sørensen (KS Værktøj as) and Michael Hansen (formerly Maribo Bryghus).

Since then, the circle of owners has been expanded with Anders Hansen.

Anders Hansen joined as an owner as a result of a merger between Euro-Workers and AH Vikarbureau. AH Vikarbureau was founded by Anders Hansen in 2001.

At Euro-Workers, we always offer a flexible solution that fits our customers’ needs. That is why Euro-Workers is one of the most dynamic temp employment and recruitment agencies in Denmark. We work to create valuable relationships between people. It is a win-win for both employer and employee.

The Euro-Workers temp staffing agency strives to provide high-quality staffing solutions. Quality is the key word for our service and flexibility. If you have tried another temp staffing agency, you will notice a difference with Euro-Workers.