Temp solutions

Are you looking for temporary staff? We offer flexible temporary staffing solutions for all industries nationwide.

Flexible temp solutions tailored to your needs

Our temporary staffing solutions ensure optimal resource utilization for your business, providing competent temps whenever you need them. Utilizing temporary workers allows your company to maintain competitiveness without compromising on delivery times, service levels, or quality. As workloads fluctuate, our temps seamlessly moves on, avoiding additional personnel costs for your company.

Euro-Workers manages an extensive and updated talent pool comprising experienced temps and job seekers eager to take on new challenges.

All our temps undergo a thorough selection process involving personal interviews, ensuring their competence and commitment. Whether integrating into larger teams or more specialized units, our temps seamlessly blend with your regular workforce.

We handle all administrative details, including payroll, employment contracts, social costs, and vacation pay. This allows our clients to focus on their core business and ensure efficient production.

With Euro-Workers’ temps, you can be confident in securing staff with the necessary skills that match your requirements and needs.

Temps for construction industry

We specialize in finding qualified workers across a wide range of areas, including electricians, plumbing, blacksmiths, painters, and more. Our network includes qualified temps from both Denmark and abroad.

Temps for the HORESTA industry

Specialiserede vikarløsninger til HORESTA-branchen. Vi har stor erfaring med at matche dygtige vikarer med virksomheder inden for blandt andet hoteller, restauranter, cafeer og catering.

Temps for cleaning

Are you looking for a cleaning solution? We specialize in providing qualified cleaning personnel for a wide range of environments, including offices, homes, stores, and industrial facilities.

Unskilled temps with experience

Do you have specific needs you would like addressed? We can help in finding dedicated temporary workers for tasks such as machine operation, agriculture, damage control, construction, and green care.

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